Step1STEP 1
Putting on the Abdominal Support Pad

Place the Abdominal Support Pad in a lifting position under the abdomen. Fasten it in place by wrapping its strap around your body and attaching the hook and loop closure to the Abdominal Support Pad.

Step2STEP 2
Position the 
Abdominal Support Pad

Place the Abdominal Support Pad as low under your abdomen as possible but not so low as to interfere with your legs when you walk or sit. Slide the Abdominal Support Pad up slightly to where it’s not touching your legs when lifted.

Step3STEP 3
Attaching the Belt

Grip the support securely at both ends as shown. Stretch it forward and attach it to the Abdominal Support Pad. You can adjust the tension and support you feel according to the amount you stretch the support.

Step4STEP 4
Fasten the Upper Tummy Strap

For an extra sense of security, lightly stretch the tummy strap over and attach it to the hook and loop closure on the opposite side. You can also use the strap to help hold the back support up while you are positioning it.

Step5STEP 5
Final Step (Optional)

Release the ends of the support, stretch it again, re-attach it to the Abdominal Support Pad.

Step6STEP 6

Grows with Baby

The Maternity Support is now in place and you’re ready to go!